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Testimonials from past clients

These comments are from a range of previous clients from age 17 to 70 both male and female.


"I felt relaxed, confident in knowing you would help.  I looked forward to coming even at the worst times."


"I was able to reflect on things rather than let them 'fester', at the start I was a bit down without knowing why.  I'm now more self aware and look after my own health needs much better."


"I was gently led without being told what to do."


"being listened to, and feeeling understood while I got things 'off my chest' was good.  It's good to talk to someone not involved and get different perspective on things."


"I felt lost and empty without any support.  I'm now calmer, less anxious, able to trust and be logical.  I see the world as a nicer place, and can socialise again."


"The non-judgemental 'unconnected ear' helped me to acknowledge and accept my feelings.  I was encouraged to take the time and space I needed until I could work out what I wanted and form strategies to reach desired outcomes."


"I'm more aware of how relationships work, trying new approaches and being brave in expressing my feelings."


What clients said that they would say to anyone looking for my services:


"This is well worthwhile."

"I wouldn't hesitate."

"If you are struggling you will be helped to work out how to make it easier."

" At first I was very negative and down - now not the case. I feel I can deal with what is going on in my life."

"It's flexible, I didn't feel I needed to commit to any programme or specific timescale."

"I have a healtier work-life balance, can plan using new techniques for scheduling my work and to reduce stress.  I value myself now and can have fun again."




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